We are Bitspossessed, a software developers collective. We support people, organizations, and communities to realize technologically-driven ideas.

Bitspossessed provides a healthy, supportive space for our members to build software cooperatively. We strive to contribute to a more just and equitable tech industry, a sustainable digital commons, and an ecologically-regenerative future that prioritizes care and social responsibility.

Bitspossessed currently consists of Elena San Miguel (@llunaCreixent), Sarah Friend (@isthisa), Andreas Dzialocha (@adz), Louise Linné (@louilinn) and Kaustubh Srikanth (@houndbee).

We are currently looking for more developers for one of our projects!

The Circles Project

We are the maintainers of Circles UBI, a protocol and open source project running a basic income on the Ethereum blockchain.

Since we launched the project last year, Circles has become a wider network of collectives and initiatives building alternative economic systems for their local neighborhoods.

The initial work has mostly been carried by the Bitspossessed developer collective and the Circles Cooperative in Berlin. With Circles growing beyond its MVP status we are looking now for more developers to bring the stack to the next level.

If you are interested in more information about Circles and its philosophy, you can read our official FAQ and the whitepaper.

Vacant positions

The Bitspossessed collective is currently not hiring! If this changes, we will update this page.

Good to know

  • We work primarily remote-first somewhere in the CET timezone
  • We are open to different sorts of time-commitments, somewhere between half-time and fulltime
  • We have a balanced gender ratio in the team
  • A healthy and inclusive working environment is highly prioritized within Bitspossessed